We breed purebred Lamanchas, and Recorded Grade - our recorded grade girls come from the mixture of two great breeds - Nubians and Lamanchas.

Our babies are bottle raised on pasteurized goat milk, disbudded, and have all shots current. Our herd is tested yearly.


We are located in Houston, Arkansas.

Lamancha Dairy Goats

rocking H Farm

Our website has finally been updated - thank-you for your patience.

The new crop of 2017 babies will start arriving in about 2 weeks so check us out often for new pictures of the little ones - thank-you to all of our past customers and we wait to meet new ones also.

Our goal at Rocking H Farm is to provide a breeding program that will create winners. Winners can be classified in many ways, but it's not just about ribbons and trophies, it's about disposition, milk production, health characteristics,  and the pride from owning one of our herd.