Lamancha Dairy Goats

rocking H Farm

            rocking h farm  2018 Breeding schedule

DOE                                     SIRE                                     @DUE DATE                   PRICE LIST

Valley Girl L1718107           CH Gatekeeper L1721809    January 31         1st doe retained         $400.00

                                                                                                                       doe - $500.00  

Victoria Secret L1776396   CH ZZ's Fandango L1638451  January 31      1st doe retained      $400.00     

                                                                                                                        doe - $500.00 

Wild Nadine L1732570       CH ZZ's Fandango L1638451  February 2     1st doe retained      $500.00   


CH Francine  GE1671463     CH Gatekeeper L1721809     February 6       $400.00                NA

Wild Thing L1776400        CH ZZ's Fandango L1638451    February 6      1st doe retained   $400.00


Grace GE 1718111                 CH Gatekeeper L1721809          March 3rd       $300.00          NA

Ms "B" L1776397                 CH Gatekeeper L1721809           March 12th  1st doe retained    $350.00


Francis B Good AL1891260  Big Ben  L1852690                   March 12th      $350.00       $300.00

Blue Moon   AL1852685       Big Ben L1852690                    March 12th     1st doe retained   $300.00


Lady Victoria L1852686         Big Ben L1852690                   March 20th     1st doe retained   $350.00


We will be happy to put you on our reserve list - a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be required.

Transport arrangments must be made by the buyer - seller resumes no responsibility for a kid once it is picked up from this farm. Health certificates to move the animal out of state is the buyers responsibility - please email us at rockinghfarm768@gmail  with any questions you may have before commiting to a purchase.