Grace was born on the farm 03/30/2015 - she is a Fandango daughter and freshened in 2016. She is our "Amazing Grace" and although not yet fully developed we see a lot of potential in this little girl. Her linear appraisal in 2016 was 86V++V - not fantastic but I believe her next appraisal will bring a much different score. She also is an Ani Jewel daughter and her sire was ZZ's Fandango  She is bred to Gatekeeper again this year.

She is due to kid in March and she will be leaving our farm to a new home as we are moving in a different direction with our herd.


Francine was born on our farm 03/25/2014. She also Ani Jewel's daughter and has never seized to amaze us at her gentle nature and the love of a show ring.  Her barn name is "Tank" as she knows when she moves the rest clear out of her way - not because of aggressiveness but for fear of getting caught between her and whatever lol.

.Her 2016 appraisal was 87 V+VV. She is a Fandango daughter (resembles him in multiple ways) and was bred to Gatekeeper for 2017 babies. In 2017 Francine surprised us with two does and a buck, she also became a permanent champion. This year we have bred her to Gatekeeper again and she will be appraised in 2018.  She averages 12 - 14 lbs of milk per day - since we have decided to move to a different direction with our herd she will be the only recorded grade remaining in our herd.

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